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Latest Studies that Highlight Huge Medical Benefits of Yoga

Several studies on the enormous benefits of yoga on various physical and mental ailments have clearly established that yoga is helpful in reducing or eliminating many disorders such as musculoskeletal problems, asthma, heart diseases, chronic low back

Introduction To Yoga

The modern world has brought a wide range of goods and materials to human beings due to advancements in scientific technology. These goods and materials have reduced lot of physical work that people were manually doing previously.

How to Practice Yoga?

Practising yoga by reading books on yoga or taking lessons available on the Internet is not the right way to do it properly. Yoga is a delicate art that needs perfection in every step, every movement and

History of Yoga

It is common knowledge that the origin of yoga is in India. However, there have been sharp divisions as to how old yoga is and who the architects of yoga were. Nearly all the Western historians and

Yoga Has Emerged India’s Profile As a Dynamic Soft Power

There is nothing wrong with the efforts of Paraykulath Ninam Paul, retired church priest in Kerala to propagate what he describes as ” Christian Yoga”. ” Unification of all in God is the principle of Yoga.” says