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A Heart Patient Should Refrain from Stock Trading

No this is not an advice of a physician nor is it a caution to avoid trading in a stock market. Most of the people hold a perception that the stock market can be a dangerous place

How Should you Approach and Handle Margin Trading?

Financial experts compare margin stock trading with borrowing money in a casino for gambling. When you are short of funds in a casino where the stakes are very high and you borrow money, the potential for profits

Why is Investing Psychology Crucial in Stock Trading?

For every item in the world, there are two prices. One is the actual intricate price of that item and the second one is the perceived price or the imaginary price that we impose on that item.

What are the Most Common Mistakes that People do in Stock Trading?

The purpose of creating an investment portfolio and indulge in stock trading is to make profits. However, preservation of your capital investment is also equally important. Return of the principal amount is much more important than getting

How to Decide When to Sell in Stock Markets?

John Maynard Keynes once stated, “Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others”. If you ask the question, ‘when to sell?’, the answer is quite difficult and completely individual. Further, it is nearly the same process of

How to Decide When to Buy in Stock Markets?

It is not difficult to buy stocks but you should learn several things about stock markets and stock movements before you start trading. However, you should remember that consistent money making through stock trading is a very