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Dollar Weakens Ahead of Fed Policy Announcement, Strength of Sterling on UK Manufacturing Data

The U.S. dollar has slipped to a low of two-months on May 1, 2013 with investors awaiting the possible outcome of the announcements by the U.S. Federal Reserve in its policy meeting later in the day. The

What is Impact of Market Volatility on Returns on Investments?

There is a strong opinion amongst majority of potential investors that stock markets are too volatile for profitable investment. The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual movements of the markets appear to be dramatic and at times

How does the Performance of Stock Market Affect your Investments and Profits?

The performances of stock market over several decades have their impact on future possible movements in these markets. Hence, the performance of stock market is a crucial indicator of future patterns through the study of past patterns,

How Should you Approach and Handle Margin Trading?

Financial experts compare margin stock trading with borrowing money in a casino for gambling. When you are short of funds in a casino where the stakes are very high and you borrow money, the potential for profits

What are the Basics you Should Know for Education on Stock Market?

The stock market is also termed as equity market, which is a public entity but not a physical entity. It is just a loose network to conduct economic transactions such as trading of the shares of the

Why is Investing Psychology Crucial in Stock Trading?

For every item in the world, there are two prices. One is the actual intricate price of that item and the second one is the perceived price or the imaginary price that we impose on that item.

Why are Dividends Good Sources of Increasing your Financial Strength?

Dividends are the rewards that corporate companies offer to their shareholders for having imposed faith in the companies and purchasing their stocks. Dividend is derived from ‘dividenum’, a Latin word that means ‘things to be divided’. When

What is the Role of Valuation and Pricing in Financial Market Investments?

In financial parlance, valuation is the estimation of the actual worth of either a financial asset or a financial liability. It is possible to do valuations on all tangible assets such as stocks, business enterprises, currencies, options,

Initial Public Offerings are Great Investment Opportunities but Careful Approach is Crucial

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are also known as stock market launches. In IPOs, a company presents its stock as a public offering of shares to the general public through an official securities exchange. This process usually converts

How Should You Do Stock Market Research And Analysis?

Stock market investing is a daunting task even for the most hardened finance professionals and experts. Getting the predictions right every time is not possible even for them, since the behaviour of the stock markets is never