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Apple Inc. shares in a Free Fall: Investors ask why?

What does Black Monday portends for Apple stocks? Can Apple iWatch record 24 million in sales? Is iPhone 7 launch in Q3 of 2015 a reality? Is Apple buyback plan over ambitious? Can Apple market cap achieve

An Explanation of Stock Market Price Movements – How and Why Stock Markets are so Volatile?

The stock markets of all the countries in the world have always been volatile and will remain so in future also. As an example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been oscillating between a high of 14,865.14

Even as U.S. Companies Report Earnings Growth, Revenues are Still Missing

The first quarter earnings of the U.S. companies have beat analysts’ estimates. Around 271 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500), which is more than 50%, have reported their first quarter results. The average earnings

What is Behind the Burst of the Great American Bubble? – Fact I

The American economy was going strong and led the world for several centuries, especially after the Second World War. However, suddenly everyone realised that the entire economy has been a big blown up balloon when one scam