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An Explanation of Stock Market Price Movements – How and Why Stock Markets are so Volatile?

The stock markets of all the countries in the world have always been volatile and will remain so in future also. As an example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been oscillating between a high of 14,865.14

Initial Public Offerings are Great Investment Opportunities but Careful Approach is Crucial

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are also known as stock market launches. In IPOs, a company presents its stock as a public offering of shares to the general public through an official securities exchange. This process usually converts

What is Behind the Burst of the Great American Bubble? – Fact I

The American economy was going strong and led the world for several centuries, especially after the Second World War. However, suddenly everyone realised that the entire economy has been a big blown up balloon when one scam

All I.P.O’s Not Hot – Choose Cautiously

Both government and businesses raise capital by issuing securities to the public. The offerings have the two characteristics – debt obligations and ownership interest. Any government while offers investment strategies to the group it is a debt