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Why are Dividends Good Sources of Increasing your Financial Strength?

Dividends are the rewards that corporate companies offer to their shareholders for having imposed faith in the companies and purchasing their stocks. Dividend is derived from ‘dividenum’, a Latin word that means ‘things to be divided’. When

What is the Role of Valuation and Pricing in Financial Market Investments?

In financial parlance, valuation is the estimation of the actual worth of either a financial asset or a financial liability. It is possible to do valuations on all tangible assets such as stocks, business enterprises, currencies, options,

Initial Public Offerings are Great Investment Opportunities but Careful Approach is Crucial

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are also known as stock market launches. In IPOs, a company presents its stock as a public offering of shares to the general public through an official securities exchange. This process usually converts

Basics and Tips on Technical Analysis for Efficient Market Analysis

The drivers of various types of financial markets such as stock markets, currency markets, derivatives markets, commodities markets, etc. are not easy to understand and determine. Normally, various fundamental factors such as company financials, industry, economy, announcements,