It’s not simple; but it’s a whole lot of fun!!

Recently I just started my blog. The thing with blogs is that I have to constantly update it and keep it moving with the current trend. A blog can be your big entry to the outside world. Right now, to me, more than anything, it is my source of income. Now I’m sure you can understand why I desperately need to hold on to my audience. Another good reason for why I maintain the blog is that it helps marketing.
Theme is what your blog revolves around. My blog is themed around books. There is nothing I love as much as I love books. So, naturally, I made the topic I am most comfortable with as my blog theme. Most people feel that a blog that provides no useful information or has no value for the reader ultimately has no value. The things that you can find in your blogs, yeah, they are the content found all over the internet. Making it readable and interesting is very difficult. Spinning it right, matters.

If you can, list it:

After having seen thousands of websites, I can honestly tell you that I don’t waste my time in reading each and every word. Most of the time, I only read the lines that matter. According to me, that would be the lists and the bulleted points that we generally have. Hell, the points almost sum up the entire passage. Even if it not exactly short, I think that the feeling that there is a list keeps me going. At least, I skip directly to the list, instead of skipping it altogether. From what I have seen in my blog, I find most people read a page if it has a number. Something like ‘5 Ways to..’ seems to catch the reader’s eye. Filling a page with pictures is a great way to grab a reader’s attention. But I think that most bloggers seem to have lost their sense of balance. Either their blogs are filled up with pictures or like a dry barren land, devoid of pictures.


When someone says ‘google’ something manual, they will generally add the words ‘how to’ in the search engine. And even more strange is the fact that there seem to be a how-to blog for practically everything. Even if you want to fix a nail to a wall, all you have to do is google it and voila; everything you know in few simple steps, complete with pictures. That is how common ‘how-to’ and Do-it-yourself blogs are. Generally, it doesn’t even matter if your ‘how-to’ post has already been posted. When this happens to me, I just add my own spin to it. I provide additional tips to follow and mixing it all together, I have a blog that can absolutely hold anyone’s interest, and pay my bills. The first questions that I try to answer in a blog are ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’. The first time I posted a blog on ‘Shakespeare’s misogynistic portrayal of female characters’, I was surprised by the number of people who commented asking for the meaning of ‘misogynistic’. I learnt my lesson and kept everything plain and simple.

You have got to try out:

I have seen so many people do this, and I am one of them. Before I got my phone I had gone through so many reviews and phones and had read so much about it that I almost felt that it was almost mine. Phones are the safest bet for a review. But your review has to be accurate and something new. The thing I love about owning a blog is that it allows me to actually influence someone’s decision. I mean, I was surprised by how much my final verdict on whether to buy or not actually mattered. And even more surprising is the fact that more than 70% customers, both online and offline prefer buying their products, particularly expensive ones, after reading reviews online. I’m not boasting, but I am sure there have been a lot of people who bought stuff only after reading my ‘accurate’ reviews; or at least, that’s what I call them.

Keep the Whole World Updated:

I remember the time when the royal baby was born. Even hours before the birth, there were posts on my blog asking for an update. I think people spend more time online than they do watching news. I won’t be surprised if there were actually people who only depended on the internet to deliver them with their daily dose of the world. Keeping a blog constantly updated on the latest news, be it political, technological and social, can keep returning bout of visitors every day. I think it is great that they keep returning, because I keep earning money for every single visit, so at least I’m happy, right?

Keep Track of the competition:

It is good to keep track of the competition. But I don’t think it is advisable in any way to even dream of copying an idea onto a blog. I mean, people visit blogs looking for creativity and originality. I am pretty sure they are not looking for look-alike blogs. Here is another fun fact. When a person posts on his blog about a really interesting topic, that blog gets a lot of views. So what I did was, I went to my blog and posted an even more recent technological innovation. And let me tell you, it turned quite a lot of heads. Some people who do not understand the meaning of healthy competition slander about the blog. This kind of ruins the spirit of blogging. Another really interesting way to keep the blog alive is by posting interviews and stuff about famous people. But then, the interviews that I post are all already read; besides, I am pretty sure I do not know anybody that famous.

Running a blog is simple, but keeping a steady audience is not. You have to be at the top of your wits, open to replying to the comments and clarifying queries. If you want to know what is going hot on the teen radar, or in the blog radar, then Google Trends can provide you with a lot of valuable input.