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Obama Administration divided inside on the issue of Google vs. Oracle case

The Obama administration has been secured interior wrangling over what position to take in prominent case between two American technology monsters, Google and Oracle, as indicated by numerous sources acquainted with the examinations. It confronts an end-of-May

News media needlessly force investing choices in a stock market

The value of news media feeling features on the timing and quality of the sensitive information as well as its practical programs for trading and investment commitment requirements. There is also a conventional value to news sensation

Apple Inc. shares in a Free Fall: Investors ask why?

What does Black Monday portends for Apple stocks? Can Apple iWatch record 24 million in sales? Is iPhone 7 launch in Q3 of 2015 a reality? Is Apple buyback plan over ambitious? Can Apple market cap achieve

Indian economic growth rate estimated at 4.9%. Who are the contributors!

The Indian economy has been estimated to grow at 4.9% in the current fiscal year and the contributors are many. Some have contracted and others have expanded their base. The figures are not satisfactory compared to the

IndiGo Airlines about to change the image of Indian multinationals internationally!

The low cost domestic airline IndiGo has emerged as a giant in the airlines sector with its $26 billion deal with Airbus that adds another 250 single-aisle luxury planes to its fleet. There is an option to

FIIs withdraw millions within weeks. What does it say about Indian stock market!

Declining trend of FIIs in India has a story to tell about the health of investment globally and in India too. On the one hand, we see an ever increasing pattern in debt equities and on the

G-20 meeting is to give emphasis more on Economic Growth over Climate Change – Creation of 100 million jobs globally!

Ninth meeting of the G -20 heads of government summit will be held on Brisbane, Australia on 15 and 16 November, 2014. Quite a surprise to the USA and nations from the European Union ECONOMIC GROWTH has

Third world War: No never, Russia is Well Prepared

As per analysis of former Foreign Service Officer George Kennan exposes Russia’s recent takeover of Crimea poses several challenges for the United States. His observation provides some convincing ideas for a policy reaction. Investors should take careful

Sports Betting – The Vice and Virtues of Betting in Sports

The history of sports is spanning over several millennia and so is the history of sports betting as well. It would be no wonder to say that the evolution of betting is almost synonymous to the development

Narayana Murthy’s Comeback and Son, Rohan’ Entry in Infosys – What do they Mean?

Narayana Murthy’s Comeback and Son, Rohan’ Entry in Infosys. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Ltd., made a comeback as executive chairman on June 1, 2013, seven years after he decided to separate himself from Infosys. Infosys Ltd. was