London – Where History Meets With Modernism

World is full of wonders including the seven wonders!

If at all any city that looks, sounds and feels wonderful from pre-historical times to modern times via medieval times, it must be London – so says a traveler who visited the city of late.

About London

London, the capital city of United Kingdom, stands tall amongst all the cities of European Union and boasts to be the largest city of that realm. Apart from its historical significance, this city strives forward in commerce, fashion, media, education and many other facets of society.

History of London is spread over more than two millennia. As per available records London is existing since 43AD. Since the Roman’s rise and fall, London has been the spectator of many historical events including the great fire that erupted in 1666 and engulfed almost the central part of the city. Like phoenix, London rose to its glory from every disaster and today what we see is a multi-culture, metropolitan and vibrant city.

Star Attractions

There is no dearth for attractions in London. Many historical, cultural, fashion, sports and ultra-modern places lure the tourists. Multitude of museums, libraries, educational institutions stand tall and welcoming the visitors.

Some of the must-see places are:

  1. London Eye
  2. Tower of London
  3. National Gallery
  4. British Museum
  5. Tate Modern
  6. Madame Tussauds
  7. Science Museum
  8. Victoria and Albert Museum
  9. National History Museum
  10. Royal Museums Greenwich

People who are interested in sports can visit

  1. Wimbledon located in southwest London
  2. Lords cricket stadium
  3. Queen Elizabeth Olympic park built for 2012 summer Olympics.



For scenic and nature lovers, London offers the following green spaces

  1. River Thames
  2. Primrose Hill
  3. Regent’s Park
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Hampstead Health

Some of the iconic places of London that should not be missed are:

  1. West Minister Abbey
  2. Houses of Parliament
  3. Covent Garden
  4. St. Paul’s Cathedral


Best Period(s) To Visit

Throughout the year and across all seasons London presents herself in splendid color, vigor and vitality. Travel experts opine that March to June is the best period to visit. If you can stand the cold and snow, November to February would ideal as the number of tourists hitting the city would be at its low.

List Of Activities

Ah! They are plenty and really frolicking. There is everything to be done by each type of tourist be it fine arts, theatre  sports, music, dance, history, science, exhibitions, entertain-mental.  There is no dearth for food and drink hangouts, shopping, clubs, pubs and many such chill-out spots. Can you believe that more than 21,000 food and drink facilities are available here! If you are shopping lover then you might just settle in this city as you need to visit close to 41,000+ shopping places! For club-happy fellows there are 2,300 and more clubs ready to serve.

For those who just want to tour and tour and tour there are more than 2,500 tourist spots and more than 700 sightseeing spots. Close to 2,000 art & exhibition centers wait for you to explore their exhibits and more than 1,400 theatres enthrall you for sure.



Lodging & Boarding

One can find accommodation that suits their budget. Right from lavish star hotels to cheap accommodations, London serves one and all. Self catering options are also available. Home stay facilities can be availed too. Hostels are available for those who wish to do away with basic necessities. Budget hotels might be helpful if you are too cautious about other types of lodgings.

Local Conveyance

City transportation in London is a multifaceted arrangement. Busses, taxis, local trains are the best mode of transportation’s.  London Tube, the underground rail network of 12 tube lines. Cable cars are unique mode of transportation that can be availed between Royal Docks and Greenwich peninsula.

Safety & Precautions

By and large, London is peaceful city and generally safe. Though there are no major violent incidents involving the tourists reported, there are reports about pick pocketing, currency exchange frauds etc. Experts also alert the tourists about possible identity theft of credit/debit cards through card trapping devices attached to ATM’s  It is safe to travel by public transport vehicles than private cabs. This is more particularly applicable during late night hours.


You must visit London at least once to experience the strange mix of antiquity and modernity.