Holi in Bollywood

Holi in Bollywood

Indians are the greatest fans of cinemas. Indian film industry on whole produces more than 1,000 films per annum. By any statistical measure this must be the highest number ever recorded by any other country. As India is an union of states that are formed based on linguistic and cultural values, each language of India produces movies anywhere from 20 per annum to 500 per annum. As Hindi is being announced as the national language in India, amongst all the languages, Hindi movies hold major chunk of viewership. They have enough following outside India and are quite popular in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East, USA, Europe and parts of erstwhile Soviet Union (like Russia).

Hindi movie industry also popularly called as Bollywood (to rhyme with Hollywood) has contributed a lot in promoting the cultural aspects particularly festivals like Holi. As the veracity of Holi festival matches with the desired fun and frolic filled situations that a commercial movie demands, producers and directors have effectively utilized Holi theme. Many super hit songs were created on Holi festival.

Many of these Holi songs would set the dancing parties ablaze during any celebration.

Some of the top songs from Bollywood are:

  • Holi aayire from Mother India
  • Rang Barse Bhige Chunarwali from Silsila
  • Aayire Ayire Holi from Zakhmi
  • Holi Ke Din from Sholay
  • Aaj Na Chodenge Bas Humjoli Khelenge Hum Holi from Kati Patang
  • Holi Ke Rang from Namak Haraam
  • Saath Rang Mein Khele from Akhir Kyon

This list grows bigger and longer as plenty of widely popular and remotely popular Holi songs were included in many a movie.

Many Bollywood celebrities, following their screen performances, have held Holi celebrations at their homes. Bollywood historians say that the this tradition has been started by the legendary Raj Kapur who was celebrating Holi at his RK Studios.

Amongst all Bollywood songs on Holi, ‘Rang Barse’ holds some specialty. Lyricist of this song was Harivansh Rai Bachchan is the father of Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh has not only sung this song but also appeared on the screen too.

All these songs of Holi have gained so much of popularity that now-a-day Holi celebrations are incomplete without dancing for these numbers. Each song depicts the joyous mood and playful attitude of people during Holi festival. Even the latest flicks like Waqt have featured Holi song sequence.
That is how the colorful Holi has inspired the film makers and the audience to create an aura of feeling of Holi’s festivity throughout the year.