Designing the life

Designing The Life

Anybody can lead a life but only few can design it. Living a life with a grand design makes lot of sense than just living. There is no fixed scheme to design the life. There are not hard and fast rules or ready-made solutions. Everyone should find out their own means of designing. One has to have the allegiance to devise the plans and sustain the challenges while implementing them.

A great thinker once told “Look at the Sun! Night eats away his brightness yet he comes up at every daybreak shining as on the previous day.” His metaphor’s true meaning is that one should not deter the obstacles that pop up more often than not. An achiever of a goal should always burn like Sun with the passion to jump the hurdle. By doing so, an individual can not only brighten up own life but can shine the others too.

Another wise man stated that “Be like Mother Earth! Look at her! She gives the same nourishment to the plants but does not make them loose their identity. A mango tree would not bear guava. A rose flower would not blossom on a jasmine tree.” Living impartially and selflessly is quite difficult but this wise man says it alone can design one’s life.

Life looks quite complicated with all its uncertainties and unforeseen happenings. Yet it has the power to intrigue people. It is the only illusionist that can mesmerize every minute. Life looks autocratic by unleashing demons called memories. One must dare to face them. Then only the designing of life is possible.

Another wise saying summarizes the life by saying “Nature adopts itself to all weathers. It does not show anger on summer or winter neither it favors spring. That is why it is called nature. Tune your nature into it.”

Life goes on and on like a wheel. As the rotation happens upside becomes down and vice verse. But the final result is that the wheel moves forward. Design the life like a wheel such that when it rotates in full circle, one would have reached the destination irrespective of ups and downs.