Satyes MukherjeeHi all, I am Satyes Mukherjee. I am the Author of this blog. All you would definitely like to know who I am and why I am here in this site?

I am a retired Accountant of a very old and reputed tea company in upper Assam. I was there for about 14 years and have a very pleasant experiences. Before that I was a Senior Manager of a Chartered Accountant firm for 10 years. Since there was some difference of opinion between me and the Senior Partner of the firm on a Audit Report, I resigned and joined the tea company.

I am very passionate about my work and the things that interest me. I am Bengali, but believe me I do not like ADDA (gossip) without specific topics. My best place to attend was Coffee House where we few friends used to meet every Saturday, and discuss on any subjects at length, may it be cinema, sports, education, except politics. I enjoy songs of early 80’s and more specifically Rabindra Sangeet and ghazals.

My great inspiration is Swami Vivekananda.

And finally why I am here? To learn from changing socialising of information and its tremendous impact on our day to day life.

About my Qualification:

My schooling was at Behala High School from 1954-1962, pass out from there with 1st Division It is pertinent to mention here that going through my brilliant academic record, school authority allowed me to a free scholarship through out my schooling years and charged Rs.10.00 yearly as examination fees only.

I joined Goenka College in the year 1962, and passed the Pre-University examination in the year 1963. I could not continue through this college since they do not have evening or morning session and as such joined Surendra Nath College in the evening section for continuing my Degree course. I pass out from that college with honours in Accountancy in the year 1966.

On going through my Graduation result one of the Partner Mr. B.N.Dasgupta of Nundy Roy & Company a renowned Chartered Accountant firm of Kolkata (Calcutta) inspired me to opt for Chartered Accountancy course. On his advice I joined that firm in the year 1966. Due to non availability of immediate vacancy as the Article clerk I had to join as Audit clerk and continued till 1971, and that year I passed the CA examination.

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