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Career Goals – Possible and interim

Career goals represent several highly probable directions that seem practical and preferable to you. Once several possible career goals become evident from your exploration and assessment of you, nurture, and trends, the career selection process begins. You

Straightforward Tips to Fitness Motivation

Researchers Edward L. Deci and Richard Ryan have studied fitness motivation and psychological well-being. They believe that people are naturally active and motivated to pursue activities and goals in which they are interested or from which they

Setting Life Goals in Specific way

What makes life worth living? What do individuals strive for? An easy life with luxurious possessions? Helping communities and other? A high status career? Having loving and fulfilling relationships? How do an individual give preference to these

How Could Business Organizations Use Inspiration?

Most business entities have begun to believe that the activation of the science of inspiration within their organizations could actually accelerate performance. The outcome of inspiring all the stakeholders of a business results in the following outcomes:

Stocks for Beginners

If you are completely new to stock markets, you should first understand what is meant by a stock and the various types of stocks available in the world of finance. The first step in the lesson of

G-20 meeting is to give emphasis more on Economic Growth over Climate Change – Creation of 100 million jobs globally!

Ninth meeting of the G -20 heads of government summit will be held on Brisbane, Australia on 15 and 16 November, 2014. Quite a surprise to the USA and nations from the European Union ECONOMIC GROWTH has

What you should know about Change for Life

Change4Life has been an official public health program that the British government started in January 2009. The Department of Health of the government of United Kingdom runs this program. The program has been established as a nationwide