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Branding the Customer Service You Provide Your Customers

Branding the customer service is an organized and strategic method of delivering unique experiences to customers to magnify the brand promise. The present marketplace has become such a highly competitive one that even very good generic service

7 Ways to Target Your Customer at Every Point of Contact

The most important method of targeting your customers at every point of contact is to connect them with your products effectively. Many business ventures fail in defining potential clients or do not have the necessary resources, strategies,

7 Ways to Influence Your Target Market to Choose You over a Competitor

It is never easy to influence your target market to select you or your product over that of a competitor. There should be valid reasons for customers to choose you. Hence, you should have a keen insight

7 Ways to Build and Capture Value in Your Growing Business

One of the basic issues that many entrepreneurs face is differentiating between working in their business venture and working on their business growth. Working in your business venture includes all standard business activities like fulfilling orders, taking

What is so Unique about Value Investing?

Value investing is an old theory developed way back in 1928 by Ben Graham and David Dodd, when they were professors in Columbia Business School. They expanded that principle in ‘Security Analysis’ in 1934, even though they