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Latest Studies that Highlight Huge Medical Benefits of Yoga

Several studies on the enormous benefits of yoga on various physical and mental ailments have clearly established that yoga is helpful in reducing or eliminating many disorders such as musculoskeletal problems, asthma, heart diseases, chronic low back

Manufacturing Growth of China Slows Down in April

The National Bureau of Statistics of China reported on May 1, 2013 that the index of the purchasing managers in China declined to 50.6 in April 2013 from 50.9 in March. The median forecast of analysts for

Dollar Weakens Ahead of Fed Policy Announcement, Strength of Sterling on UK Manufacturing Data

The U.S. dollar has slipped to a low of two-months on May 1, 2013 with investors awaiting the possible outcome of the announcements by the U.S. Federal Reserve in its policy meeting later in the day. The

Introduction To Yoga

The modern world has brought a wide range of goods and materials to human beings due to advancements in scientific technology. These goods and materials have reduced lot of physical work that people were manually doing previously.

What is Impact of Market Volatility on Returns on Investments?

There is a strong opinion amongst majority of potential investors that stock markets are too volatile for profitable investment. The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual movements of the markets appear to be dramatic and at times

An Explanation of Stock Market Price Movements – How and Why Stock Markets are so Volatile?

The stock markets of all the countries in the world have always been volatile and will remain so in future also. As an example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been oscillating between a high of 14,865.14

You should Understand Stock Selection Criteria to Select Choicest Stock

There are certain specific criteria when you plan to select choicest stock for your investment portfolio. Stock markets use unique trading terms such as ‘long’ and ‘short’. Traders term a trading position as ‘long’ when the investor

Is It Possible to Invest in Real Estate stock and Get Profits?

If you want to invest in real estate stock, you should first understand that the real estate markets fluctuate a lot and the stocks also follow the same patterns. In the same country, the real estate markets

J.C. Penny to Release Ad Apologising for Earlier Mistakes of Former CEO; Former CEO Salary 1,795 Times of Cashier

J.C. Penny is trying to make amends for alienating customers due to certain policies of the previous chief executive officer, Ron Johnson. Johnson axed dozens of brands of J.C. Penny that were popular with its regular customers

How does the Performance of Stock Market Affect your Investments and Profits?

The performances of stock market over several decades have their impact on future possible movements in these markets. Hence, the performance of stock market is a crucial indicator of future patterns through the study of past patterns,