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Greek Parliament Passes New Bill to Terminate Civil Servants Amidst Protests

The lawmakers of Greece approved a new bill that would result in about 15,000 public sector employees losing their jobs by the end of 2014. This legislation will also enable the Greek government to fire its civil

What is the Significance of Generally Accepted Principles of Accounting?

Generally accepted principles of accounting are a standard framework of financial accounting guidelines used in a specific jurisdiction. These accounting principles are also known as standard accounting practices or accounting standards, which include standards, rules and conventions

Is Corruption by the U.S. Government of Other Countries Still Continuing?

Reuters reported on April 28, 2013 that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) delivered tens of millions of dollars in cash to the officials of Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan, for more than a decade. Reuters published

Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

What is Ashtanga Yoga? One of the major treatises on yoga is the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali. The treatise contains 196 Sutras (aphorisms) that Hindus believe that Lord Shiva personally taught the sage for propagating the

What are the Basics you Should Know for Education on Stock Market?

The stock market is also termed as equity market, which is a public entity but not a physical entity. It is just a loose network to conduct economic transactions such as trading of the shares of the

Travel and Tourism – Future Prospect Amongst BRICS Countries

In 2001, Goldman Sachs used the acronym BRICS in one of their reports to denote the four emerging and fast growing economies of the world i.e. Brazil, Russia, India and China. In 2010, South Africa has been

The Great Enron Scandal that Shook Corporate World

Enron Corporation was an American energy, services, and commodities company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Enron relocated in 1990s to Houston from its original headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. It had nearly 20,000 employees and it was one

Indian Mobile Arena

Indian mobile phones industry is a huge market in telecommunication sector.  There are around seven hundred and ninety one mobile phone user which will grow considerable in 2014. People are more and more coming towards technology same

Why is Investing Psychology Crucial in Stock Trading?

For every item in the world, there are two prices. One is the actual intricate price of that item and the second one is the perceived price or the imaginary price that we impose on that item.

Why are Dividends Good Sources of Increasing your Financial Strength?

Dividends are the rewards that corporate companies offer to their shareholders for having imposed faith in the companies and purchasing their stocks. Dividend is derived from ‘dividenum’, a Latin word that means ‘things to be divided’. When