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How To Manage Floating Rate In Foreign Exchange

When floating rate system adopts by a country, financial policy does not focus on the exchange rates. Reserve bank (Central Bank) and the government use their guidance to meet other goals, such as household prices or replicating

All I.P.O’s Not Hot – Choose Cautiously

Both government and businesses raise capital by issuing securities to the public. The offerings have the two characteristics – debt obligations and ownership interest. Any government while offers investment strategies to the group it is a debt

Holi – A Festival Of Colors

Indian culture is the most ancient and its splendor and grandeur are quite vibrant in many ways. Festivals are the inseparable part of Indians and each of them are prominent and unique. Holi is the festival of

A Comparison Between Web Browsers For Windows

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer has always had an unquestionable upper hand in the web browser wars. However, the advent of Mozilla Firefox began posing serious threat to IE’s overall market

What Is Common Between IE8 And Firefox 3.5 Web Browsers?

Both these web browsers have a good number of features that are similar to one another. It is obvious that both of them have a multi-tab capability. Internet Explorer has made this a new addition to its

Web Browser Battles

Till sometime back, web browser arena was dominated by one product i.e. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which was launched in 1995. Since then to the contemporary times, World Wide Web has undergone a great revolution in many spheres

Chrome Vs. Firefox – Which Is The Best?

Google Chrome Google entered the web browsers war in 2008 with its flagship product called Chrome. This is an open source web browser. At the time of its launch, Google stated that Chrome is a fresh take

Love and Divinity

A tender feeling towards somebody is called as love and quality of being associated with the God is called as divinity. I don’t find much difference between these two definitions as they look like two sides of

Good, Bad and in Between

Coconut tree bears the burden of the heavy coconuts. It holds the weight to show the gratitude towards the gardener who took a great care of it. The very gardener might cut down the tree for his

Designing The Life

Anybody can lead a life but only few can design it. Living a life with a grand design makes lot of sense than just living. There is no fixed scheme to design the life. There are not